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Baby Bat - Either a young goth or a new-comer to the scene, previously derogatory. Many areas still use the term to refer to a "goth poser" or an emo kid trying to pretend to be goth.

Babygoth - A young goth, amateurish.

Batcaver - Originally a frequenter of the early goth nightclub the Batcave, now referring to older goths who are fans of the music played there.

Bleep - General term for electronic music within the goth subculture. Sometimes used negatively by traditionalists.

Bleepy - A Cybergoth. The term originated from the Bleepy room in Slimelight, London's biggest long running goth club.

Blowfish - A goth who wears too much spikey jewellery (and thus resembles a blowfish)

Boi - A boy (US)

Cactus - An article of clothing with a lot of studs or spikes.

Candy Goth - A Goth who likes to wear fairy wings and attire associated thereof.

Corbeau - Batcave/Cure oriented goths (used by French goths)

Corporate Goth - Goths that work in the corporate sector, and wear business attire.Corporate gothwear - Business clothes that are both goth in fashion and compatable with working in an office (standard corporate dress code)

Crow Makeup - Goth makeup applied a la Brandon Lee's character in The Crow...or any garish/OTT makeup. 99% of the time an insult.

Cybergoths - Cybergoths normally don't like tradgoth music but listen to EBM and dance-influenced tracks. Probably more likely to take dance party drugs. Cybergoths will also wear something figure hugging, in colourful PVC or rubber - electric blue, red, or silver - often with colourful hair or hair extensions, though some will wear black PVC. Big boots are also essential, and often silver/black raver goggles, or industrial goggles, just about always worn on the forehead instead of over the eyes. May also feature adorn themselves with circuitry or faux SF cyber implants.

Dark Side Story - Name for conflicts between Megabar (Melbourne goth venue) patrons and other nearby 'normal' clubs.

Doomcookie - A young gothling with no fashion sense, clown makeup or makeup like they are from The Crow, refuses to smile because of fear of loosing uber goth image. (this includers Flindersgoths)

Elder Goth - Goths who are 30+.

Flinders St Goth - Youngish goth know for hanging out at Flinders St Station in Melbourne(AUS)

Gogan - a gothic bogan. See the Wikipedia entry

Going goth up Elizabeth Street with Uncle Charlie - A group of babygoths realising they're babygoths as they get embarrassed on one of their 'freak the mundanes' trips.

Gosurori - see Gothlolita

Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (sometimes alternatively "Loli-Goth") is a fashion somewhat rare, but very highly visible, among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl's clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls.

Gothic Two Step - A particular Gothic dance prevalent in the late 1990'sGoth Compatable - someone who is not a goth but can appear to be one fairly easily.Gothanista - A designer or avid follower of Goth fashion.

Gothwalk - The Gothic two step (US)

Goth Juice - Absinthe.

Graver - Goth raver.

Grrl - Girl (US) Originally associated with Riot Grrrls

Gunk - Goth Punk . also Poth

House goth - A Goth that never goes clubbing, only dresses up at home.

ICPers - People who dress up like members from the band Insane Clown Posse

Insta-goth - Someone whose transformation from a normal to Goth is almost instantaneous. Often think they are Uber Goth or Old Skool after only a few weeks of being "Goth." Generally they go back to being normal very quickly. Also applied to young Goths who, using their parent's credit card, walk into the store (ex. Hot Topic) normal and walk out Goth.

Kindergoth - see babygoth

LARPGoth - Mistaken for a Goth as they Live Action Role Play.

Lifts - Big boots.

Mansonite - Youth primarily into Marilyn Manson, and may appear like him. Elder Goths derogatorily refer to them as Spooky Kids.

Mundane - See Normal

Normal - to describe someone who is not goth or another obvious subculture.

Oh My Goth - Oh my god - statement used to indicate shock or exasperation, often mockingly or sarcastically.

Old Skool - Traditional Goth - referring to early goth music vis The Cure, Siousxie Sioux, Bauhaus, and early fashion.

Panda Goth - Name for a goth whos gone out in public without removing make-up from the previous evening.

Perkygoth - would rather live with flopsey and bouncy than mopey.

Pocket Niners - 'Fun things' that a goth takes to a big night.

Posuer (aka poser) - Meant as an insult usually to Goths who like to play dress-up but don't mean it, which is referred to in a mocking song- "I'm a little Poser, SHort and Stout, here is my Candle and here is my Ankh" See Insta-Goth and Yuppie Goth

Raver Goth - Generally a Raver who wear clothes associated with Gothic culture.See Graver

Rivetheads - The newer wave of industrial fans, may look a bit like cybergoths

Schweppervescent - A 'Mansonite', except inspired by the band Evanescence (Note: Evanescence has never claimed to be goth.)

Siouxsie's cupboard - What a goth puts an embarrassing or awkward moment into: "Did you know I'm into watersports?" "...let's put that one into Siouxsie's cupboard, shall we?"

Smithing - Deliberately making uber goth comments as a joke, a mockery of babygoth behaivour.

Swampie - (1) Pre Goth subculture existing only in Australia, possibly influencing the development of the Goth subculture. Notable for wearing black clothing, also long hair and often unkempt. Often fans of the Birthday Party. (2) Also term for paisley wearing, tight jeans and long hair Psychaedelic person, particularly in Queensland.

Tradgoth - Traditional Goth music and fashion from the 70's and early 80's.

Trench Coat Brigade - Normally youth/students who wear trench coats, may appear rebellious and disaffected, but to some may resemble Goths. Made famous by the student shooting at Columbine, the perpetrator of which were said to be the same.

Uber Goth - Particularly stylish...does goth well.

Weekender - Normal through the week, but "turns goth" for weekend clubbing also Weekend warrior

Yuppie Goth - Referring to Young Urban Professionals (Yuppies) who go into Goth stores and decide that it would be cute and quaint to play dress-up like the Goths. See also Poser and Insta-Goth

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